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So this is the blog of a twentysomething swede turned brightonian. It's mostly about my life, my friends, thoughts, experiences and emotions, nothing more, nothing less. I don't claim to write anything of particular interest to anyone but myself, but then again that doesn't really matter. The point of this blog isn't for anyone else to enjoy it but me. It's my place to vent. My place to put all my thoughts into words and hope they'll stay out of my head. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send them my way, however, if you have any issues with anything I write on here I suggest you kindly fuck off. This is my space. You can go enjoy yours somewhere else.


Postat av: Iz

Publicerad 2014-08-15 16:01:41

Tjo! Precis hittat hit så du har säkert redan skrivit det i något/några inlägg, men hur träffades du och engelsmannen?

Svar: Jag har skrivit en bloggpost om det här! -> http://weareallstoriesintheend.blogg.se/2014/november/hur-jag-traffade-min-engelsman.html

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