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Two weeks ago I was here. Right here. Looking at the departures board and getting excited about going home. I had you, and I thought I always would. But I didn't feel like I had me. And I was going home to find me.

One week ago I was on the streets of Brighton. Running around in nothing but my pjs, howling like a wounded animal. I had gone home and found me. I'd then gone back and I found I no longer had you.

Today I'm back again at the airport, back exactly here one week two weeks later. And I look back at the last two weeks and think of what I had and what I didn't. How everything's changed.
Right now I don't know what have. And I don't know what I don't have. I just know that whatever I have is broken. And the only one who can fix it is me.


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Last night we were up brushing our teeth. Smiling, laughing, messing about. Your hair shone from the light of the bedside lamp, and your smile shone even brighter. Your hands on me and my hands on you. My eyes on you and your eyes on me. It was such a beautiful moment. Just us. Just you and me and toothpaste. 
And then I woke up. And I had 10 seconds of happiness and love lingering through my sleepy head before I realised. It was just a dream. That ever since Tuesday, we are nothing more than a beautiful dream. That there's no more us. It's just me. Me and my dreams.