Mornings in

Publicerad 2016-11-27 09:54:00 i Livet,

The last week I've been feeling rather trodden down, tired and anxious. I suppose it's a response to a multitude of factors; having a breakdown not too long ago, the sun appearing less and less, term nearing its end etc etc. Either way, I just feel less equipped to deal with the monstrous amount of tasks that I took on at the start of the year, like the work load is finally getting to me. 
And I've tried to deal with it by getting by doing just what's necessary, nothing more nothing less. So I've had longer mornings in eating my porridge and putting on makeup, put less pressure on myself to create and produce, and more consciously prioritised evenings in. Just to calm down, to center. Prepare myself for the last stretch before christmas break. Take a breath. Then another. And then get on with everything again.


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