Awake at 4 am

Publicerad 2016-09-05 05:14:00 i Livet,

I am telling people that I'm starting to do ok again. Because I am. That brokenness you left with me is fading, slowly eroding. I'm up at normal times and eating normal amounts and breathing normally again. And sometimes, no actually quite often, I laugh.

But then again, I'm also sometimes not ok. I'm also sometimes still awake at 4am unable to sleep. Looking out at the summer night sky and listening to music and trying to not think about you. Even though all I want to do is think about you.

But just because I sometimes still can't sleep doesn't mean that I am not ok. Because I am ok. I'm dealing with it, and every day, every night, the dealing gets easier. I'm ok. But I'm also sometimes awake at 4am thinking about you.


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