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It's become a bit of a tradition this, writing down how I'm feeling and who I am the day before I turn another year older. And this year I'm 21, turning 22. But before I turn 22, I would like to spend some time remembering my life as 21. A year ago I would've never pictured myself where I am today. 21 was the year I got to know myself, and the year I got to figure out just how strong I can be when needed. 
21 was also the year I moved into my own home, the year I got the highest mark of my entire year and the year I figured out just how fantastic life can be when you're not busy constantly worrying about someone else. I've never felt happier, stronger, more appreciated and more loved than I have over the past half year as single - from friends, family, one night stands and myself. 
21 was the year I cleared my life of people unworthy of my time, and the year I came to realise just how amazing life gets when you're surrounded with people you care for not because you should but because you actively want to. I've learned so many life lessons throughout this year, and am walking away from being 21 more prepared for life than I ever have been before.
21 was also the year when I ran for office and got elected President. And 22 will be the year I get to graduate from University and the year I get to spend as President. The year I get to spend my days making real change. 21 has been memorable, for both good and bad reasons. But now I'm excited to see what 22 has to bring. And I'm quite certain that however memorable 21 has been, 22 will be even better.


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Publicerad 2017-04-24 21:29:38

Tycker du är helt fantastisk! Har varit lite dålig på att kika in på bloggen senaste tiden och mest följt dig via instagram, men jag blir så inspirerad av dig och ditt liv och din kunskap och din kraft. Jag känner igen mig väldigt mycket i din beskrivning, fast jag gick igenom samma uppvaknande/livsförändrande år när jag var 19 turning 20. Hejar på dig och hoppas ditt år som 22 blir helt fantastiskt!

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